Focus on Maternal Health

The emotional transition to motherhood can be intense.  Whether trying to become a mother or handling the challenges of being pregnant, or reeling from the new experience of having a child, many women appreciate the opportunity to address what they are feeling in psychotherapy.  

Since pursuing my doctoral research in this area, I have been a resource for women who want to manage feelings such as anxiety, depression, apprehension, ambivalence, concerns about their bodies and their independence, and insecurity about their new roles.   

Parenting presents additional challenges as children grow and enter new stages of development.  I can help you to develop valuable skills and gain comfort in becoming the kind of parent you would like to be.  Becoming a parent may trigger recollections of one's own childhood.  If these are at all difficult memories, taking the time to review them in therapy can help you achieve distance from these experiences and clarify your own path as a mother.